35 Epic Male Living Space Design Ideas that Picked Just for You

Are you a man who wants to create your own male living space? Are you confuse what to do when designing your own house? Afraid when choosing the paints? You come to the right place! All of the information about male living space design will be given to you in this article.

The tips and tricks on how you design it, what to design, what paints you should choose, what furniture you should place at your house, etc. Everything you need to know, you can find the answers in here.

The Design of Male Living Space

Mostly, men and women have different taste in almost everything, including their own house’s design. Many women tend to have desires to bring ‘cuteness’ or ‘sweet’ in their design. While on the other hand, men tend to bring ‘minimalistic’ in their design.

Thus, sometimes, men’s design is inclined to be boring, cold and depressing. The reason is that men do not have things as many as women. They only have a couple of things and do not like to completely fill their house with big furniture, decorations, etc.

So, how to improve that? Actually, designing a house with a minimalistic design is the trend in this modern era. People want to look cool yet comfy at the same time.

If you want to avoid a boring situation, you can add some highlights to your house. It can be your favorite things, some magazines, arts, etc. By adding those things in small number, you can avoid a boring situation in your house.

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Watch for the color of the space

When it comes to painting, men have a different opinion from women. Since men like minimalistic design, the color for the walls are mostly in monochrome color such as grey, white, soft grey, or even black.

There is nothing wrong with monochrome colors. In fact, painting your walls with monochrome colours can give you a comfortable and calm feeling. Definitely suitable for resting after a long day at work.

Then, how to make those colors not giving a cold and boring feeling? The tip is, when you choose a certain colour, you have to choose two shades lighter than the paint you want.

The reason is that the actual paint is much darker than the paint chip. To put it simply, choose to paint with soft monochrome colours like soft grey, off-white, soft brown, etc. That way, you can avoid making your guests feel like at a dungeon.

Choose the Best light

Aside from colour, what is also important in male living space design? Right. It is the light. If you think that choosing any light for your house is okay, then you are wrong. Light can influence all of the things including the color of the wall.

It is better if you are not choosing lamps or bulbs with a direct light. The reason is that if you choose lamps or bulbs with a direct light, it will affect everything around the light. Your paint on the walls can be harsh for your eyes or the room and color temperature will go up and will make your house become hotter.

The best lamps or bulbs for male living space design is lamps with lamp shades, sconces, or torch lamps which bounce light of the walls. While for bulbs, choose the bulb which has orange-white color so it can give you a pleasant feeling when you turn them on.

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Wall decorations

In designing house, it is women who are mostly doing all the decoration works. Yet, for men, they are probably will just put one or two decorations so the walls are not empty. Avoiding aesthetic element is quite dangerous for house designing. Men or women, you have to give your house a touch of aesthetic so that you and your guests can feel entertained and calm.

Then, what kind of wall decorations you should choose for male living space design? The answer is quite simple, it is the artworks. Instead of just sticking your posters on the walls, you can make your own frame to frame your posters.

By doing so, your posters will become neat and give an aesthetic feeling when you see them. If you have other artworks such as paintings, those will be great to add the aesthetic element in your design.

House decorations for man space

If we are talking about decorations, you cannot leave decorations for the house. Decorations for male living space design is as important as the walls decorations.

How to choose and place decorations without giving any ‘full’ feeling when you enter the house. Surely, it is a bit tricky. If you are not careful, you will feel as if your house is so full you cannot move freely in your own house.

How to avoid that kind of situation? Putting one or two plants can be very helping. You can put the plant in each room. Other than plant, you can put a bit of your ‘personality’ in your house as decorations.

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They can be something related to your hobbies such as comic books, novels, legos or anything else. Just put a few of them in a small rack so that they will still be viewable for you and your guests without bothering your movements.

Furniture in the male living space

When you are living alone, mostly you do not need many items of furniture in your house. Basic items should be great for you who are living alone. Dining table, coffee table, sofas, pillows, bed are the basic items you need to have.

To choose the right items, you can match your items with your house design or the walls color but they should be in a contrast color than the walls. You can have classic furniture if your design is a classic house, or you can have modern furniture if your house design is futuristic.

The point is, by matching your furniture with your house design or walls color can give you a pleasant and calming feeling when you see them.

Storage for Male Living Space

Every house needs storage. It includes in men house as well. Storage can be unpleasant if we put them in viewable areas. They will ruin your design and bothering your movements in the house.

If you want to avoid that situation, try to choose a storage which can be hidden so it will not use so much space. Fortunately, hidden storage can be found in the modern era.

Designing a house can be very tiring, yet if you can accomplish that, you will be satisfied with your work. After reading those tips and tricks, surely you are no longer in confuse in designing your house. So, go and design your own male living space now!

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