25 Brilliant Ideas for Stone Walkway in Your Garden

A walkway which is well-designed is able to make the yard in your house looks even more beautiful. So that you can enjoy the pretty view of your yard and get relaxed on the weekend after fully working for the whole week. Moreover, a walkway can trigger anyone to explore the yard.


There are a lot of materials used for a walkway, such as wood and stone. If you prefer to choose the stone material used for your walkway, here are some stone walkway ideas that can be your inspirations.


Stone Walkway Inspirations

  • River Stones Walkway


Many people love to use river stones as the material used to make a walkway in their yards. It is because this material is easy to find and its price is quite affordable.


You can create a wavy line as a walkway in your yard in order to make it looks unique and artsy. The wavy river stone walkway will make your guests eager to explore your beautiful yard.


Moreover, the river stones material is able to prevent your yard from being muddy when it is raining so that your yard looks neat and clean.

  • Stone Slabs Walkway


A big stone slab is able to create a striking impression that invites your guests to step on it. A stone slab walkway is suitable to be applied in a yard with a flat land.


But you can also have this kind of stone walkway in an uphill land so that you have a unique stair in your yard. If you want to have a uniquely different stone walkway, this stone slab walkway is the answer.

  • Granite Walkway


The stone building materials such as granite can be a smart option to make a walkway in the yard of your house. Granite has a solid texture so that your stone walkway looks stronger and sturdier.

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Moreover, this type of stone material is resistant to water. So that the walkway will stay dry even though it is a rainy day and prevent slippery walkway. It is one of the most favorite walkway ideas preferred by some people.

  • Brick Walkway


This material will bring a neat impression to your walkway because of its neat shape. The brick material is able to be arranged in various formation, such as the conventional straight line until specific pattern.


You can make a circle shape brick walkway in the middle of your yard to make it less boring. You can rely on your creativity in designing and arranging the brick material used for your walkway.

  • Gravel Walkway


The gravel material which is arranged in the area with a boundary will create a neat appearance in the area of your yard. The gravel material itself is already different from the usual road.


There will be no footstep when you walk in a gravel walkway even though the soil is wet because of the rainy season.


The natural grey color of the gravel will bring a charming look and impression among the green plants surrounding. Moreover, this material is very easy to find and the price is cheap.

  • Mosaic Walkway


The next stone walkway ideas is a mosaic walkway. You are able to use the broken stone plates in order to create a mosaic walkway.


This kind of a stone walkway is really simple yet unique. Not only stone plates, you can also use a concrete material to make this mosaic walkway. Do not forget to arrange it in a unique pattern.

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Tips for Creating A Stone Walkway

Basically, a walkway functions as a circulation lane that allows a person to reach the entire part of a yard without having to step on the grass or soil. So that the beauty of the yard will not be damaged because being stepped.


There are several things you should be considered when you create a stone walkway in your yard. Here are the tips for making a stone walkway that you can follow.

  1. You have to decide what kind of style that you want. Whether you want a strong and solid stone walkway which cannot be moved, or you just want to install the stepping stones that do not need any cement as a brace. Choose a style as you wish and make sure the amount of the material you already pick can cover the whole space.
  2. For the layout, decide where you will place the materials used for your walkway. If you want a touch of grass on the sidelines of a stone walkway, try to make a proper layout by using a marker in the places where you will plant the grass. You can use a small gravel as a marker or make a line in the soil using a shovel.
  3. There are various models and shapes of a stone walkway. Such as square, rectangular, oval, or natural which you can choose which is suitable for the theme of your yard. If you apply the minimalist theme for your yard, it will be better if you pick a minimalist shape of a stone walkway such as rectangular or square. But if your yard has a tropical theme, you better choose a natural shape of a stone walkway.
  4. The proper distance between one step to another is between 9 cm to 12 cm. But it will be better if you give 10 cm space between steps.
  5. Choose the stone materials which are suitable for the style and theme of your house or yard. There are many stone materials available that you can pick such as granite, river stone, brick, stepping stone, gravel, and many more.
  6. The next tip of following the walkway or sidewalk ideas is trying to make the stone walkway in align with the soil surface or grass surface of your yard. So that it will not bother your guests’ comfort.
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Those are the stone walkway ideas that you can apply in your yard. Do a regular maintenance in order to make the walkway lasts for a long time