35 Awesome Bohemian Home Decor – Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Wall Decor

If you are looking for a new method to refresh your life in styling, then you might as well step on the new ground and try out for bohemian home decor. For sure, this unique style might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, in the past decade, this type of home decor has become a trend, in which it speaks of a carefree soul.

The point of bohemian home décor is to spark and show off the extraordinary side of life, where interesting items are displayed in jumbled patterns, combining both modernity and vintage world.

Bohemian Living Room Decor

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The first people to invent bohemian room decor were artistic people, such as writers and actors, or even travelers. The basic idea of the home styling itself lay heavily on mixing patterns, objects as well as colors. Boho decor is always eclectic, in which when you first walk in the room, you will be able to spot many parts of the world: nothing is looking absolutely alike.

The first aspect you might want to be familiar with is the choice of colors. Even if there is no exact measurement or rules for the hippie boho, one palette that is most useful is warm earthy colors as the base, such as brown, grays and leafy greens. You can also pick other saturated colors like saturated white and purple.

However, a mismatched look is what boho all about, so playing with layers of colors will always be smart. Most boho lovers often choose jewel tones as well as metallic to bring life into the dull colors, those of neon blue and bright orange.

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After your own palette is set, you can start with styling texture as well as patterns. In boho home decor, everything does not need to go in a harmony. What makes it amazing is because bohemian design plays with the non-conventional yet exotic look.

Layers and rugs will be an amazing work of art, as many furniture of boho are taken from Central Asia, such as Suzani and Ikat, or other fringe and hanging furniture made of wooden. A usage of backdrops and curtains will also be an eye candy to your visual; most of the materials used will scream of the worn out look, for it is the point of the boho concept itself.

In a boho home, everything looks imperfectly perfect, just like the ambient imbalance of being not damaged yet also not well polished.

Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

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The first thing you need to understand before decorating your bedroom is embracing the nature. Everything comes from the earth will be the center of this style, in which many ferns and roots plants are seen everywhere. This will remark the boho vibe you install inside your room.

You can start with something simple such as lilies — one of a kind that will steal your attention but do not need much work to grow,  placed right just by the windowsill. That kind of plants or flowers goes well with scarf curtains. It is really simple; you can pick up a checkered or stripe patterned scarfs and hang it up to form a curtain, a delight in between the beautiful mess.

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Meanwhile, the thing you must have in a boho bedroom is a bed canopy. It is something that can magically transform your room. A four angles and grand white canopy will be perfect if you aspire to live a boho life. Besides that, you need to add a bedside bench.

One made of oak or wood is always the right choice, as you can customize that and draw your own boho patterns over there. This will boost up the classy, poignant appearance inside your bedroom. However, if you wish for a chic look, you can add a vintage mirror, one with a chunky gold frame or other vintage bottles, lanterns or even candles.

Boho Wall Decor


If you think opting for boho look will spend a lot of bucks, then you are wrong! For the wall decor, you can just get some branches or roots from your garden to be used as an accessory. You can make a wall of memory, where frames of pictures are hanging on the wall on random patterns. You might opt for a cardstock to make it water proof and sturdier, then laminate them so nothing can destroy the memory lane.

Besides that, macrame wall hanging can be another option as well. It is very easy and cheap to make. You can always look for the tutorials and hang it in style. The materials that are often used are pre-loved fabric or even jersey and jeans, whereas later is cut into strips with some frills.

However, if you want something more stunning, you can make a good use of dream catchers. Available in many kinds and varieties, you can mix and match the patterns of dream catchers. One with floral pattern and summer vibe is the main option, for it carries the free spirits of a bohemian colorful life.

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You are a big fan of literature, but you do not want to look like a geek? No worries, you can use a hanging library as a wall decoration because art and cultures walk hand in hand within bohemian lifestyle. There, you can display your collections of classic novels or other literary books without failing to lead in fashion. What makes it even better is that you do not have to be someone else: you can always appear as a stylish intellectual.

Boho Style Kitchen


Everything is already lined up in style, but not your kitchen? Be happy, because decorating a boho kitchen is the easiest thing ever. You can pick for potted plants as well as mason jars for the strong chic look. These lanterns can light up your kitchen with all of its charms, as it bolds the warmth that radiates within your small kitchen.

You can also opt for rustic timbers and bohemian patterned trays. However, you have to play with colors, so you can restyle the design of your kitchen without ruining the beauty. Adding some natural countertops and rustic shelves will be perfect for bohemian home décor.