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16 Most Beautiful Minimalist Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas

Discover the color of kitchen paint at home with the complete guide below!

Color is often associated with the atmosphere, the impression of something, and is also said to affect human feelings.

Therefore, when we choose paint for a room in the house, you will usually be advised to choose certain colors.

Well, Homelovers, this time we will discuss the colors that are suitable for use on the kitchen wall.

The options below we do not choose arbitrarily, lo, because everything includes minimalist kitchen paint colors that hit this year!

From neutral colors like white, gray, and brown to bold and vibrant colors like red, blue, and yellow, it’s all here!

Here you are.

Orange Kitchen

Orange Kitchen

The color of old orange or pumpkin orange is often identified with a cheerful color that is suitable for children’s rooms.

However, it turns out that this color is also suitable for kitchen cabinets. Orange itself is said to bring energy and spirit into the kitchen room of your home.

Blue Kitchen Color Schemes

Blue Kitchen Color Schemes
Blue Kitchen Color Schemes

The color of minimalist kitchen paint the second choice of society is blue.

The choice of blue color whether it is dark blue or young is increasingly used for kitchen walls because it is considered easy to match with other colors.

This color can bring a fresh and not boring atmosphere to yourself. In addition to the walls, the color that represents the sky is also suitable to be applied to kitchen cabinets.

White Kitchen Color

White Kitchen Color
White Kitchen Color

White color is the most common color used for the kitchen of people’s homes. Even so, the color of this kitchen paint continues and remains favored because it brings a clean and neat impression.

This impression is also identical to the minimalist design that upholds the simplicity and functionality of the room.

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Well, white can also be the basis of a narrow kitchen color combination with other paints. Use contrasting colors to create dynamism in a tiny kitchen.


If you like everything that is bold and lively, red is perfect to be the choice for the color of the home kitchen. The color red is judged to be very prominent.

The strength of the color will also be stronger when matched with colors such as white and black.

However, you can also experiment with your favorite colors as new variations. For colors that stand out like this, make sure you don’t use them on all kitchen walls. Just use it as a complementary accent to make your kitchen look elegant and stay modern.


Gray minimalist Kitchen Color
Gray minimalist Kitchen Color

The gray color combined with silver appliances will give a futuristic atmosphere in the home kitchen. However, this neutral kitchen paint color is also suitable combined with other colors such as black and white.

In addition to the futuristic feel, the gray color also displays elegance but still simple. Gray color has dominated the choice of favorite minimalist color for a long time!

Yellow for Bright Kitchen Colors

Modern design kitchen with yellow and grey elements

While it looks vibrant, yellow can deliver positive energy that can affect your spirit. Its bright color will not bore your eyes.

For a quieter minimalist kitchen, you can combine yellow with white, turquoise, or gray.


Black is said to characterize mysterious, dramatic, and dark things. With this, kitchen utensils and tools mostly made of stainless steel will look more stunning.

If applied to the kitchen wall, you should choose furniture with a contrasting white color so as not to make the room too dark and scary.

Also give the kitchen a dim lighting. If matched accordingly, the result of the kitchen will look luxurious. For a minimalist gothic kitchen look, you can, combine black with striking colors like heart red or dark green.

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Pink reflects something surprising and can improve mood and spirit. Pair the pink with a matching color like purple.

The appearance of the kitchen will also look fun and look sweet. To make it look more modern, you can put kitchen furniture made of metallic, or other silver furniture.


This color with a natural impression is very eye-catching. Brown can also be combined with many colors that also have natural elements such as green and other neutral colors such as white and black.

It is everlasting color for kitchen, neutral colors will never go out of style. When you choose neutral colors, the kitchen can act as a blank slate and be decorated with the style and liking of whoever lives there.

To support a natural and refreshing atmosphere, you can add a variety of greenery placed in the pot. Alternatively, you can also add fresh accents such as putting a foliage-patterned wallpaper on one of the kitchen walls.

Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon minimalist Kitchen Color
Pink Salmon minimalist Kitchen Color

Salmon is a combination of white, orange, and pink. The color that still falls into the pink color palette is a favorite of many people because of its superiority that can make the room look elegant.

In contrast to the feminine pink, salmon further accentuates the elegant and quiet side of a room. Kitchen with salmon color will always feel colder, but also cheerful because it is still affected by orange color.


Mustard minimalist Kitchen Color
Mustard minimalist Kitchen Color

Mustard color is the right choice of kitchen paint color for those of you who are looking for a cheerful but minimalist dining room look. This color is different from yellow because it looks darker and calmer, so it is not too striking.


Caramel minimalist Kitchen Color
Caramel minimalist Kitchen Color

Caramel color is actually considered outdated because it looks shabby and can bring a less lively impression to the room. We don’t know what makes this color again popular with many people.

To be sure, by using caramel as the color of kitchen paint, your dining area will look more mature and chic. The caramel color is also a part of brown, not too old and not too young. It’s Suitable for a cozy kitchen!

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Turquoise  minimalist Kitchen Color
Turquoise minimalist Kitchen Color

The green color range never disappoints, does it? Green is also a timeless color because it can provide a natural and fresh effect.

The series that is included in the list of minimalist kitchen paint colors this time is turquoise or more commonly referred to as salted egg green.

These colors include neutral and calm colors, so it can automatically depict the perfect minimalist kitchen. Pair it with a golden color on the kitchen furniture to make the dining room look more spiced up!

Dark Green

Dark Green minimalist Kitchen Color
Dark Green minimalist Kitchen Color

Other series of green colors that are included in the list of minimalist kitchen paint colors! Dark green has its own charm because in addition to looking natural, this color can make your kitchen look more luxurious.

How? Yes, dark green color (emerald) turns out to be one of the royal colors such as maroon, gold, and purple. This color can add more interesting accents to a minimalist kitchen and not leave it looking empty.

Pastel Color

Pastel Color minimalist Kitchen Color
Pastel Color minimalist Kitchen Color

The last choice of minimalist kitchen paint colors are pastel colors. The colors on this palette won’t disappoint for a minimalist concept because it implies simplicity.

In addition, as we have discussed, bright colors can make the kitchen look cleaner and more spacious.

Whether it’s pastel yellow, green, pink, purple, or orange, it’s all going to fit right in, for your minimalist kitchen!


If you ask ‘what is the most popular color for a kitchen?’ the answer is white, ivory, yellow, red, green, blue and gray are all popular paint colors, both for walls and as accents.

and what is the best color for a small kitchen? To enlarge a small kitchen, it is best to choose light and cool colors because they are the most effective in terms of optical illusion. It make a kitchen look bigger. This color suitable for minimalist kitchen.

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