The Causes and Effects of Free Mixing on Individuals and Their Surroundings

Free mixing has become a concern for parents in recent times due to the unstoppable flow of information from all directions.

As individuals, it’s crucial to understand the causes and consequences of free mixing so that we can make informed decisions about prevention. Below is an overview:

The Influence of Modern Times as a Cause of Increased Free Mixing

The advancements in technology have had a significant impact on human life. While modern technology has made many tasks more convenient and practical, it has also brought about substantial negative consequences. One such negative consequence is the prevalence of free mixing, largely driven by easy internet access.

Easy internet access has made it effortless for individuals to dive into the online world, even without visiting internet cafes or establishments. Nowadays, a smartphone alone provides immediate access to the internet.

However, it is important to note that the causes of free mixing among young people extend beyond the internet. Factors like the environment, family dynamics, and more contribute to this issue. These causes have far-reaching effects not only on the individuals involved but also on the surrounding environment.

Fostering Religious Values to Counteract Free Mixing

Causes of Free Mixing:

  1. Low Family Educational Background: Families with low educational backgrounds often permit their children to engage in relationships without proper supervision. As a result, these young individuals can engage in activities without boundaries. Therefore, free mixing is not limited to teenagers experiencing puberty; parents play a pivotal role in safeguarding their children.Sadly, many parents today fail to monitor their children’s development, especially when they enter puberty.
  2. Family Conflicts: Conflicts within families, such as constant parental arguments, divorce, or domestic violence, make children feel uncomfortable at home. As a result, they may turn to undesirable activities as an outlet for their frustration.
  3. Poor Choice of Companions: The immediate social environment can also have a significant impact. Parents need to understand the nature of their children’s surroundings, including schoolmates and playmates. Recognizing and supervising their children’s social circles is vital in preventing the influence of free mixing.

For parents, early protection is a crucial step to keep free mixing from infiltrating their children’s lives.

  1. Low Socioeconomic Status: Low economic conditions do not only affect the prosperity of individuals but also contribute to free mixing within the community. Children from families struggling with economic difficulties are more vulnerable to free mixing. It is the government’s responsibility to tackle poverty as an essential step.
  2. Easy Internet Access: As mentioned earlier, while the internet offers substantial benefits to life, it also brings adverse consequences. Easy access to the internet allows individuals to enter various websites. Moreover, underage individuals can access adult content sites easily. This concern requires strict guidance from both parents and government authorities.

The factors contributing to free mixing are complex and require attention from various stakeholders, including parents, to mitigate their effects. Recognizing these causes is a significant step toward addressing the issue.

Harmful Effects of Free Mixing

Harmful effects stemming from free mixing include:

  • Unwanted Pregnancies: Engaging in unrestricted sexual activity can lead to pregnancies out of wedlock, often experienced by students. Unfortunately, many resort to dangerous abortion procedures, which can have severe health consequences. Moreover, abortion can result in infertility, making it difficult to conceive in the future. This issue is also a significant factor contributing to early marriages.
  • Dropping Out of School: Many students end up dropping out of school due to free mixing. Their high egos become a higher priority than their health and the harsh realities of life. Consequently, the education rate declines, and poverty levels rise.
  • Rising Criminal Activities: The growing rate of criminal activities is also related to factors such as poverty, low education levels, and drug abuse, including narcotics.
  • Spreading Social Diseases: Free mixing can cause the emergence of social diseases. Sexual diseases can spread rapidly, especially when individuals frequently change partners. Unsterile needle use is another leading cause of diseases, such as HIV.
  • Creation of Social Illnesses: Social diseases can lead to an erosion of empathy and compassion in society. People may become increasingly selfish and indifferent to the well-being of others, prioritizing hedonistic desires over community interests.

Awareness, coupled with the religious upbringing and constant monitoring of children, can help curb free mixing and its effects on society. The causes and consequences of free mixing extend far beyond individual behavior, highlighting the need for a collective effort to address this social issue.