25 Amazing Modern Fence Ideas to Protect Your Beautiful Garden

Are you looking for an amazing statement in your backyard? Then, get ready to see our list of modern fence ideas. Those ideas will create not only functional but also beautiful fences that you can enjoy for a long period of time.

Climbers Wall Modern Wood Fence

If you want to create amazing wall fence that can be long lasting during off and growing season then climbers-wall fence will be the right choice for you. There are also some ideas that include beautiful flowers.

This type of fence can support climbing vegetables and flowers that will make the fence look perfect. But, you need to remember that climbing vegetables and flowers can be quite heavy. So, in order to avoid messy climbing plants, you need to build sturdy and strong to support the plants.

Modern Iron Fence

The iron fence can be a perfect choice for protecting your house. It can also allow more ventilation that can make your house feels more refreshing. This type of fences usually is made of wrought iron. But they can be made of from aluminum alternative as well.

Many people like this type of fence because they are not only beautiful but also very durable too. But, the little disadvantage is that you need to repaint it periodically as the part of the maintenance.

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Modern Bamboo Fence

For the more natural looking fence, a bamboo fence is one of the solutions. All of the parts of the fences usually made of bamboo stalks. After that, the bamboo stalks are lined up and supported by stained wood. The panels are anchored by a concrete to make the fence sturdy.

Bamboo fence is really outstanding and not really heavy. It can also let the light come through your house to avoid darkness. The rich straw colors and light green of bamboo will be a perfect match in any backyard & front yard fence ideas.

Don’t forget to decorate your backyard with tropical accessories and plants to make the atmosphere more comfortable.

Black Horizontal Modern Fence Slats

If the natural type of fence doesn’t suit your style, why don’t you try more modern fence design? Black horizontal fence slats will give you more privacy without making your yard feel stifling.

This type of fence will be a great choice if your house comes in the modern design of architecture. It also will look nice with a lush and neat green lawn.

Re-purposed Pallet Fence

There nothing you can’t do with pallets. It also applies when you want to build the fence of your dream! There are two options you can choose from. First, you can strip the pallets off from the wood slats. After that, use them to create an individual board.

Second, you can use the whole pieces from the pallet to be bracketed to the posts of the fence. Those linked squares will create a unique fence. Both of the ways will give you choices to re-purpose the wood and create the fence you’ve been wanting.

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Modern Solid Geometric Concrete Fence

You can consider a full concrete fence in your beautiful backyard if you prefer to choose 100% modern style fence. There are many high fences that are interesting enough to be used for both beauty and safety that can be everyone’s inspiration.

Most of the concrete usually is gray and smooth and you can see geometric’ lines and gaps to catch your attention. The function of the gap is to allow light and air to go through your house.

Even though there is a lot of DIY to tell you how to pour a concrete slab, you still need help from professional to create the right concrete panels fence.

Modern Horizontal Stained Planks Fence

If you are bored with the familiar fences that are designed in vertical boards, it is time to change that. You can try to use horizontal planks to create one-of-a-kind fence. Horizontal planks are one of the ultimate elements in modern fence style.

There is a little tip for you to choose the right width for space among the planks. You can choose it the way you want since the spaces come in different width for the visually interesting result.

Simple Vinyl Fence

For those who like simplicity, the simple vinyl fence is the right style for you. This is the best and simple type of fence for a minimalist house. There are a lot of DIY projects of vinyl fence that come at an affordable price.

There also a lot of different choices of color and light-weight durability. You don’t need to worry if this type of fence will make you stressed out because the setup is quite easy especially when the posts have installed.

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Wood and Corrugated Metal Fence

Even though it sounds a strange option, corrugated metal can be your perfect solution for a landscaping fence. There are many beautiful fences that are constructed by corrugated wood and metal. It is because of the high quality that corrugated metal has.

It is also covered with a coat that can protect the corrugated metal from corrosion and it will make it more extravagant. The panels of the wood are dark and rich in order to make the metal worth complement.

Modern Gabion Wall Fence

Last but not least, this is one of our best styles of fence. A gabion wall can be your amazing style of fence that will make your backyard & front yard fence ideas amazing. What is a gabion wall? Well, it is a wall wire that is retaining which is filled with stones.

Builders sometimes combine panels or posts made of woof for creating a good effect for the fence. You can choose more beautiful stones like local rocks or cobblestones to support the landscape into an outstanding view. At the end of the day, you will be surprised how beautiful and sturdy this fence can be.

Well, those are the ten amazing style modern fence ideas that can inspire you to have a beautiful backyard or front yard. Just choose the style you want, consider the budget, and ask for a professional help. Good luck!

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