45 Stunning Fence Ideas Easy to Apply to Make Sure your House Safe

Stunning Fence Ideas Easy to Apply – To make sure your house always safe, a fence is undoubtedly needed to be installed. In this modern day, the fences are even equipped with a sophisticated security system so that cases like theft seem impossible to be experienced.

But we will not talk about this matter here. In fact, aside from protecting the houses from any criminal action, fences are also functioned to beautify the exterior more. It is particularly if the homeowners are able to apply nice and unique ideas to this front part of home living.

Starting from the simple to the most luxurious ones, here are some fence ideas that may inspire you.

Front Yard Fence Ideas – Clean Line Fences


If you look for a kind of fences that match to your modern home living, this one is a good answer. There is indeed nothing special when you see this kind of fences. But the minimalism accentuated can just make the home exterior look effortlessly elegant.

This kind of front yard landscaping ideas is basically about some pieces of materials whether they are from wood or metal that is put together whether it is vertically or horizontally. The size doesn’t matter. If you are interested to apply it, just make sure that the design applied is in line with the home idea in general.

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Backyard Fence Ideas – Creamy Vintage Fences


Not all people may like the modern and minimalist idea that is really popular nowadays. Sometimes, you may feel so nostalgic with what have been popular some decades ago, including the fences. When your house still adapts the vintage or retro design, it is just a good idea.

Vintage fences are commonly made from pieces of wood that are vertically arranged. On the edge, they are formed like curves and then two other pieces are installed horizontally. Pastel colors are recommended to deepen the vintage nuance more. Even white, although it looks too usual, can make the home exterior look simply great.

Metal Classic Garden Fence Ideas

source : pinterest.com

You are not required to have such a big house with a large yard for applying this fence. The fence is quite impossible to be made by yourself if you don’t have any skill and experiences in it. To apply it, you have to order it at first. Make sure to measure the size properly to make the result fit the space well.

Classic fence, in general, is signed by the application of details and accents like in the form of floral, fleur-de-lis, and the likes. Interestingly, although the fence looks expensive and luxurious, the budgets to spend for this can be lower. Of course, it depends on the metal or material applied. The more qualified it is, the more expensive it will be. Right in front of the fence, add the front walkway ideas with a similar design.

Modern Fence Ideas with Geometric Accents

From the classic style, let’s move again to the modern one. If you think the clean lines mentioned above are too common and even boring, this one can be a good choice. The clean lines are still there. But to make it look more detailed without lessening the nuance of modern, additional accents are added in the form of geometry.

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In some ideas, the accents are even in stacks to make it look like the 3D idea. For the colors, it depends on your taste. If it is matched with the home idea in general, it can just be better. For more about this you can check in here modern fence ideas.

Solid Brick Fence


Not all people may be interested in such a fence that is portable. It is for many reasons including saving money or they just don’t want to renovate the home including the fences too often. Well, if you are one of them, the solid brick fence is a great idea.


The fences are basically made from concrete materials. And the brick is a kind of good ideas for its strength and durability. It is better to create and arrange the concept at first before the application. The design should also be made as good as possible since you will not simply change it later. This idea is good for any designs whether it is modern, vintage, or the classic one with luxurious fountain ideas.

Cheap Privacy Fence Ideas


Many fences are designed and manufactured only for beautifying the landscape. Then, its main function to keep the home safe is sometimes ignored. Well, if you want to make both works together well, the high metal fences are undeniably good ideas for you.


You should not worry, not all metal fences require you to spend more budgets. Some of them are even very affordable without lessening the quality. Just make sure to go to the right place to order and buy. If you can buy it directly from the manufacturer, the budgets can be saved more.

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Lattice Fence Ideas


A lattice fence is another idea to be applied for the limited budgets. It is basically from the wood or bamboo but the arrangement is more complicated. More than just put them together vertically or horizontally, the pieces are crossing each other to form the square holes.


You can actually make this type of fence by yourself. But it needs proper measurement to make sure that the results are neat and stunning. Interestingly, the fence is also often used as the media for planting. To make the fence keeps standing without being damaged due to the plants, it is recommended to grow the plants in the small pots and then hang them on the lattice fence.

Horizontal Fence Ideas from Bamboo


For you who love the natural nuance, bamboo is a good choice aside from the wood. If commonly the bamboo is arranged vertically, try another idea. It is vertical bamboo fences. Choose some pieces of bamboo that are quite thin to make the results look neater.


Around the fence grow some green plants to make the atmosphere more refreshing. When your area is good for planting the bamboo and other Asian plants, the ideas can just complement each other. Add the enclosed patio ideas as a place to sit down and relax.