30 Fun and Fresh Decor Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Wall Looks Amazing

When you have a kitchen on your own, you must have many easy kitchen decor wall ideas to be applied to it. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house.

When you have your own kitchen, you want to décor it gorgeously so that you can feel comfortable when you are cooking or just making something to drink.

Here is the thing, to do wall décor on the kitchen, not only you have to pay attention to the wall paint, but you also have to pay attention to the things you want to put in the kitchen. The kitchen set, the dining table, refrigerator, and etc.

Whether you want your kitchen to be simple, elegant, fun, colorful, it is all up to you. However, try not to leave the comfortable element behind. No matter which kind of décor you want to use, the kitchen is a place where you can eat in peace and have the intimate time with your lover or family.

Thus, your kitchen has to be able to give the user a comfortable and peaceful feeling in order to enjoy the meal and cooking. Then, how should we décor the kitchen? Relax, people! In here, you will get all of the ideas to décor your own kitchen.

Design of your Kitchen Wall

Having your own kitchen is like a small heaven given by God. You can do anything you like in the kitchen. You can cook your own favorite dishes, baking, making something to drink, experimenting with the new recipe, and etc.

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Besides experimenting with the new recipes, you can do the kitchen design experiment if you want to improve your kitchen. Improving the kitchen can allow you to get a more comfortable feeling when doing activities in the kitchen.

By redesigning your kitchen, you will feel as if your kitchen is your playground. Thus, cooking will become the most enjoyable thing to do. The visitors such as your friends or family will also get a pleasant feeling whenever they go to the kitchen.

Play your Color on Kitchen Wall

After you decide on what design you should use in your kitchen, now it is time for you to play with color! Do not be scared when you are painting the kitchen walls. Express your feelings, your personality through the paint so that other people can know you even only from the way you paint the kitchen walls.

If your kitchen design is simple, it is better to go with white or black color. Do not fear when you paint your kitchen walls with black color. Adding hints of black colors to your kitchen will make it look simple and cool. Then, if your kitchen design is fun and colorful, you can color the walls with bright or pastel colors.

Try to avoid using too many colors though, because it can turn out weird and distracting. This way of improving is very suitable for you who are on tight budget but still want to improve your kitchen.

Focal Point When Entering the Kitchen

When you are entering the kitchen, what is the first thing you want to see? The decor? The paint? If your kitchen does not have any focal point yet, you may want to start making one.

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The best focal point for your kitchen can be on the walls. If you are a painter or you love doing murals, you can paint something on one of the empty walls. It can be words, buildings, animals, or anything that you like.

Other than painting, you can put on some menu décor so it will feel like a café. Having a focal point is definitely a way to improve your kitchen décor. You only need to make one of the walls become your focal point and voila, people will get impressed!

Decoration for your Kitchen Wall

What is the most important thing to be put in the kitchen beside the kitchen set? Decoration! People sometimes putting the less-useful decoration in the kitchen. Fake fruits, fake flowers are usually put in the kitchen to make the kitchen livelier.

In fact, you can just put in a rug for your kitchen to improve the kitchen decor. Besides adding the aesthetic point in your kitchen, rugs can also help you from slipping off or if you accidentally drop the plates or any glass.

Then, where to put the rug in the kitchen? Here are the area rugs for kitchen; you can put the rug in between the sink and island, or put a small rug at the sink, and also under the dining table.

Farmhouse-themed Kitchen

Farmhouse-themed can never be old-fashioned. Even in these days, farmhouse-themed is still used to décor the house especially the kitchen. Many people use farmhouse as a theme for their kitchen to give a pleasant feeling as if they are in the country not in the middle of the city.

The color, the smell, the decoration is really what people love. The farmhouse kitchen décor which you can use in your kitchen such as open wood shelves with white or silver color, antique wine glass holder, antique basket for bread or utensils, wood utensils, and also closing the pantry door with a chalkboard are the best décor you should have in your kitchen if you are going to design your kitchen with farmhouse-themed.

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Floral Decor on Kitchen Wall

If you love beautiful things to be in your kitchen, you can use floral décor in your kitchen. Believe it or not, having a flower in your kitchen can make you feel more motivated, pump out your energy, and erase your sad feeling.

You can try applying kitchen décor sunflower for your kitchen. The beauty and bright energy brought by the fresh sunflower will make your day become even more beautiful. You can also paint sunflowers on your walls if you cannot have a flower in your house.

Kitchen Island

If you are thinking that the kitchen island can only be applied to a big kitchen, you are wrong. It is true if we look at the size of the island, it will only take more space in the kitchen.

Yet, if you look at the function, you will realize that having a kitchen island really helps you. The key to the small kitchen island ideas is that you have to know what you need. You have to know what will the island do for you.

The kitchen island can give you more “hand” when you are cooking. You will have more storage and more space. If you need space for walks, you can have a portable island or you can have a kitchen island with many shelves to store your utensils.

Those are the lists, tips, and tricks on how you can décor your own kitchen. Remember, your kitchen resembles your personality. Now, starts on working your easy kitchen décor wall to improve your kitchen!

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