Best Amazing Fireplace Tile Ideas for Your Living Room

Improve and add warmth to your living room by corporate the best fireplace tile ideas below for your home. Fireplace in a room will give the room with character, beauty and offer a great focal point for décor your room. When you design fireplace, it should pay attention to how space will be used and how it complements with other elements in the room.

Reasons to use fireplace tile

First of all, tiles give you the endless option of texture, styles, patterns, and colors that can lead to improvements of distinctive look for your old and dull surround room. Tiles can create fireplace order that will look match into the entire room decorating style.

The most important thing from fireplace tiles are the facts that tiles are material that inflammable so the homeowner does not need to worry about fire safety and can endure the extreme hard temperatures.

The decoration in the wall behind the fireplace, the frame, and the tiles opening create a safe barrier for the fireplace and the rest of home.

Living room with Glass mosaic fireplace tiles

Glass tile offer wide ranges of patterns and shapes and create calm appearance for the surrounding space. Glass tile is commonly used for kitchen and bathroom, but they also welcome for fireplace decoration.

Glass tile is option for those who have extensive budget for those who want to create contemporary designs. Glass tile is perfect option for resurfacing the fireplace hearts. Iridescent glass tile is perfect for the room that dominated with light.

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Marble Tile Fireplace

Marble tile fireplace is the common way of adding the beauty and sophistication for your surround. Marble tile fireplace offers more resistance to stand up from heat and also offer endless design option to stand with much distinctive design interior.

However, the marble tile fireplace is also known it needs more maintenance rather than other natural stones. But the tile fireplace from marble is perfect for low traffic areas such as fireplace surrounds.

Large marble Carrara tile that employed in fireplace design creates an intriguing focal point to contemporary living room style. The other idea is oversized mantle marble that contrasts with traditional furnishing styles.

Tile frame fireplace

If you are a simple person and do not want to make a drastic change into a fireplace or have the limited budget, then you can choose a simple tile frame fireplace. This is done by framing the surround of your fireplace. For framing the fireplace, choose the one that tolerates with heat.

Granite tile fireplace

Granite is exceptional product quality. Granite is best for the fireplace as it resistance for high abrasions, resist from acids and bases, resist from stains and have good heat resistance. The granite tile fireplace is great for the contemporary home style.

Black granite perfect for modern style fireplace surrounds and create luxury look when combining with the brighter color.

Pebble-Textured Tile fireplace

Using tile that embedded with small pebbles can bring you nature-inspired texture. You can try this idea; mix the white pebbles with gray grout and add into simple white mantel fireplace. This will give you the contemporary look for space at once.

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Patterned tile fireplace

For you who have years with a simple fireplace for years, you can choose interesting tile patterns. There are many patterns available to choose start from ceramic tile into mosaic tile fireplace or even the natural stone fireplace. The key is change and adds the focal point in your room in once with a tile fireplace.

The fireplace should be matching with part of the furniture of your home or at least with dominant theme and décor in your room. Glass mosaic tile can give attractive look for fireplace backsplash and reflects the lights into your room.

Remember, when adding mosaic tile to your fireplace surround, keep in mind how the patterns scales read from far away and is near. In extra-large space, the small-scale pattern can appear cluttered and too busy.

In another side, the small fireplace surround space that covered with patterns large repeated will end up and detract the intended look. Mostly, the best fit for corporate patterned fireplace tile is by choosing medium size patterns.

Terracotta fireplace tiles

Terracotta fireplace tiles can add artisan’s style for your fireplace surround. Recently, there are many styles of terracotta fireplace tiles available to choose from. You can find hand-painting or printed terracotta tile with a lot of styles such as modern, traditional, tribal, or transitional patterns.

Terracotta fireplace tiles are perfect ideas for those who want to have casual look for their home.  It gives inconsistency and imperfections in each tile that add more eclectic look. For terracotta tiles, you can choose diamond quarry, heart, or terracotta refractory style.

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The wood look fireplace tile surrounds

For you who are looking for an earthy, natural and rustic look, the wooden tile fireplace look can be a great answer. The dimensional wood panel is an interlocking tile that can add the architectural interest into the fireplace surround.

This dimensional wood tile is perfect and available for the contemporary and midcentury homeowner. The wood tile is the best option rather than choose the real wooden fireplace surround.

Brick inspired fireplace tile

The brick style is another tile fireplace that you can choose. The handcrafted crackle brick is the versatile modern option that effortless for any home style. Handcrafted brick tile fireplace has the slightly imperfect look and offers the wide variation for texture and color.

The brick tile can add the aged character to your fireplace. Add the traditional elements into the surrounding fireplace such as black countertops and white cabinetry will be perfect to the brick fireplace tile.

Setting a fireplace for warming and make comfort zone for your home is the best way to do. There is other can beat fireplace ideas for a drink a cup of tea or coffee in front of your fireplace when cold autumn or winter seasons come. In addition, the fireplace can become great elements for decorating your home.

The fireplace has become one of the most attracting elements for decorating and heating. The romantic and warm from fireplace make everyone feeling comfort to sitting in the room. Choose the best fireplace tile ideas that perfect for your home décor and theme.